Misc. Other Games

Note- I’ll be getting rid of this page over 2018. I’ve come to the conclusion that it just makes things silly to separate stuff like this.

This will just be filled with game saves for things I don’t want to go over at length, and have gameplay that can make getting to the porn annoying. After the title will be a save links, a purchase link for some games, and a link to the dlsite page if one exists, then a short summary of what I feel about the game(since dlsite reviews are outright lies and only good reviews ever seem to appear.) followed by what the save contains(bold to be easy to find). If you want to know the kind of h material/artstyle, dlsite page or a simple Google for a gallery should give you an idea.

I’ll update this list after finishing any game that doesn’t have a scene gallery but cgs or unlocked content, or use scene styles other then text+picture, or is not an RPG. Roman Numerals after game name are links to saves.

List will be organized by game genre as best as I can, and any game that doesn’t fit any genre will be placed into misc.

Real-Time Combat

Simulation-Includes dating,raising, and “sim” games

Card Games-Includes any game that uses cards as its main system. Collectible, battle, traditional games as well.

Turn Based Combat


Simple Mouse Controlled Games

Racing Games

Adventure-Point and click style stuff





Real-Time Combat

Brave Soul  I   II  Store

-Good for when it came out. Not a strong story, but the game will make fun of itself. Gameplay is alright when you start, but fairly quickly you will let the auto combat take over. H scenes are short with some very generic writing. Save contains all cgs and complete memo section. Saves to get to any girls ending and her scenes. All modes unlocked.

Dark Wind- Wrath of King Vasily  I   II

RE100714. Would be alright if balanced better. As it is, very buggy and unfair tales of… ripoff. Bland animations with painful yelling during them. Rips of Diablo 2’s first chapter for story. Save has all h animations unlocked(just interact with well in front), party member and all difficulties unlocked.

Hikaru Senki  II

RE086026. RPG Maker Vx. Very grindy Pokemon thingy? You have two battle types, one where the girl fights monsters trying to make her climax and one where you do that and you have your own monster trying to make the other’s trainer climax. Its in an atb real time system, where other then menu’s everything is progressing at all times. So pseudo real time in a way. Story is you are a bad game dev, and ran out of money. So you go out and after being trained in being a trainer you go around and beat gyms to get money to fund game development. H is cutin cg’s during battle. Very grindy game, though the later stages have some decent puzzles for RPG Maker. Overall alright. Save contains full gallery, full bestiary, and all things made for the alchemy weapon system.

Holy Grail of Alharahn    II

Wolf action RPG. You are an elf looking for the stolen Holy Grail, but got lust cursed by a succubus on your way to an island. The curse reset your level and made it so that your desire causes debuffs. If your libido is above 50, your attack is cut in half and your stamina regen which lets you attack is slowed greatly. Which means either you have sex or swallow semen/medicine to lower your libido. It ends up being the most annoying mechanic in the game except for the giant empty areas with little guidance. All damage is contact damage and once your health is down to about 0 your armor is stripped off and you get raped on the spot. You can resist but if your fatigue is high enough you can’t. Then you go into the basic sex animations that make up the games porn for a bit, get flashing screen and maybe get control back to run to a dressing room to get your armor back on. The game is alright but a bit on the tedious side as there are far to many monsters between any point A to B. Save has all armors I know(which show up on the sprite and picture on screen) and all enemy lose scenes unlocked.




Kingdom  I   II

A real time, kinda open-world dating sim. You play as a guy who moves to a small town for job training in whatever field he wants and to meet a girl. There are 21 girls you can choose from each with their own story, ranging from short to long. Every week you work one job that raises stats and pays money which you can use for gifts to raise affection. Then you go out into a real-time world and have to find and solve whatever girl you want to pursue. The more girls you go for, the harder it will be and the less other girls will like you, and walkthroughs for this game mostly suck. H is fairly short scenes, mostly vanilla but with some weird stuff thrown in. Save contains a save to every h scene, every ending, and all cgs except a glitched repeat of a cg right after it.


Princess Trainer Gold  I   II

Something of a simple game. You “train” Jasmine to become a whore and have her do jobs to get money to further that goal. Other then farming money there isn’t any other real gameplay feature until pretty late in. The original game was literally just talk to a person, wait a few days, give them money and continue until you reached the end. The Gold version added a lot more stuff for the other two girls in the game other then Jasmine, including two other simple game features and much better written scenes then the ones in the game at first. Porn is very American, as in the way the characters talk is very to the point. Original scenes were short and pretty basic, while the added gold scenes are alright and decently long. The story is alright, though the ending is done fairly well and sets up a sequel in a decent way. Overall not a fun game, but can be enjoyed. Save contains all cgs and achievements unlocked(which unlock outfits in game). Also have a save at the point of the game with the most h scenes available.

tenant  I   II

You are a poor apartment manager, and have decided to steal panties and take pictures of the girls to sell. You use this money to drug the girls for more pictures. Just a click interface, where if you go for a single girl to much she will find you/confront you but if you have a picture you screw her instead, or get gameover. Interesting for all of a minute, no story, boring simple sex animations. Save contains all cgs, animations, and panty images(except the last page, which seems to be broken).



Card Games

Boob Wars: Big Breasts vs Flat Chests  II  Store

-Story is stupid, and kind of dark in places. Combat is luck based card system that gets in the way. Sex scenes are acceptable with, some having animations, but not very well written or erotic. Save contains all scenes unlocked and free play mode available.

SKUNK III Godkiller  I   II

RE094082. Boring is the best way to describe this. The actual gameplay is a card system that is like Rock-paper-scissors. Each side takes way to little damage making fights drag out and its way too luck based. Story is alright, but episodic so not much happens. H is boring looping animations with generic sounding voices(and a forced wait system until you finish them the first time). Save has all outfits, characters, and scenes unlocked.

SKUNK 4.1 Lighthouse of Sylos  I   II

RE154200. Sequel to SKUNK 3. The combat is exactly the same, but for some reason no prior characters are playable. Instead of a linear adventure, you get a psuedo free roam map where you can pick up equipment and a few different outfits for the the girls. The actual progression is still linear, and the exploration is weak, plus you move very slowly. Story is about equal to the previous game where you take over a single location, and h is the same but you don’t have to sit through every animation to get finished with a scene, just the first part of it. Not very good overall. Save contains all outfits/gear, characters, and scenes.



Turn Based Combat

Erotical Night I   II

RE044708. Horrible English, good game. Can be hard to find out what to do, but overall a fun experience. Animations can be fairly varied in battle. Story is alright, nothing special. Two saves. One has all enemies clothed, the other unclothed. Both have all fights unlocked and a good inventory to win them/last in a fight.

Hell Girls  II

$2 dollar connect three style rpg thing. Connections can be done in any direction and each icon has its own uses. Lots of levels for a 2 buck game. Story is translated poorly but basically three girls can made into magical girls to fight off monsters and then go to hell to kill the thing making the monsters. Which sounds far more interesting then what actually happens. No real porn, and of the 6 cgs the game has 5 of them are shown on the advertisement page on Nutaku. The last cg which isn’t shown is the only all ages one.  Save has all cgs unlocked, all costumes, and every level beaten.



Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~  II  Store

-Rock paper scissors combat with little depth, and an alright story that exists solely to give a reason for 20-30 characters to fall for the same guy. Good scenes in my opinion, varied, long and good voice acting. Save has all scenes/cgs unlocked and allows skipping battles.

Milftown  I   II

RPG Maker VX game. You play as a shota who wants to bang all the milfs. That’s the entire story. Combat is standard RPG Maker stuff, though the game is very grindy. Finding what to do can sometimes be tricky. Has some annoying password protection in different parts of the game, but the passwords are easily found on the internet. H is barely written scenes with comic book looking pictures. The art is good, but the scenes are only 5 lines or so. Overall a bland game with a uniquish fetish that doesn’t really deliver on due to lackluster porn.  Save contains all gallery images unlocked, and a few saves to some of the longer h scenes.


Milftown Adventure I   II

RPG Maker VX game, basically the same game as Milftown(same creator) but with an Asian art focus. Scenes are a bit longer overall, though there are also less girls and scenes overall. Story is you get a Penis genie who needs you to bang chicks to get magic power to make you immortal, and all the chicks around are milfs. Combat hasn’t really improved, though I would say the game appears less grindy until you get to the game’s end bosses who will destroy you until you grind(game has two routes, good to mom and bad to mom routes). The game is also more confusing on how to get some scenes then the original, and its impossible to get all the scenes in a single save. Also has the password gimmick which gameovers you if you get it wrong, and you can’t save anywhere until you unlock that ability. Game also has an incomplete feel to it, especially the evil side which only has one unique girl compared to the other sides 3. Save contains saves to the longer and better scenes, and a save with all cgs unlocked thanks to a bit of editing magic.


Onsen Hime Games(Secret Pleasures, Secret Rendezous, Limited #1, CPS)  I   II

RE122845RE136746, RE150935. 1st game’s gameplay is a joke, second is hard at the start but is the best of the three, the third one makes you really strong so actual game is easy, the fourth is stupid short and has way to many features plus its big new one crashes the game. Overall none of these are really “good”. H-animations have no sound and just come across as creepy, and cgs are just pictures from the animations. Story is episodic, with almost nothing happening in any game. Each game adds more survival and world features that are never needed to do anything. Four saves for four games. All cgs and animations are unlocked, as well as completed bestiary’s. Fourth has all codes for items in later games that I could find.

Princess Ren Returns I   II

From an indie I had my eyes I. This is a sequel to another game that is not an rpg, and honestly this game didn’t make me want to read the previous entry. Ignoring that I can’t beat the game because the final cutscene replayed itself,  I cannot stand the design decisions of this game, which is why its not getting a proper post. I’m not going to go into detail since it would just be me bashing the game, but I didn’t like it. Apparently its incomplete, but since its being sold I don’t really care about that. Save contains best gear, able to fight final boss for ending, and gallery in a room to the left of where you spawn.

Rise Senki Sinemonica II

RJ110185. A sex battle turn based game. Instead of swords and shields, characters take turns trying to get each other off with vibrators and tentacles. Levels are like platformer stages where you can dodge enemies. New weapons and armor are made via parts dropped from enemies. Can be fun, though the cutins can become a pain, mainly because all the enemies look the same. Story is girl is sent to world where conflict is solved via climax battles and gets a tentacle companion. After meeting up with another girl they start hunting for a stone that was stolen. H is all cg cut-ins in battle, no text but some sound. Save contains all weapons, armors, and gallery unlocks.

Sakura Dungeon    II

It’s basically Demon Master Chris but with more content. This means a lot more grinding but more visuals in total. The combat system has a few differences but is mostly the same. Story is alright, nothing spectacular or horrible. H is yuri or girl masturbation only, all consensual. The most notable difference from DMC and this is that all the girls in this are top heavy for some reason. Overall a decent dungeon crawler. Save contains all cgs unlocked, a save to the about 30 hscenes, and an end game level save with everything done and gotten. Remember, this is the adult version and should not be compatible with the all ages version.





Eroico    II  Store

A monster girl action platformer. You play as a guy going to fight the monsters, and they can knock you down and get it on on the spot. 3 stages that are all pretty long, and a gallery with the lose cgs and enemies that knock you down for their well animated rape scenes. Decent overall, though the difficulty curve was pretty high for me. Save has all cgs and monsters unlocked in the gallery.


Simple Mouse Controlled Games

(Simple games with only mouse controls, usually so you can fap and play at the same time.)

Dungeon X Quest  I   II

RE158311. Roguelike Minesweeper is the best to describe it. It started fun, then I realized that their 200+ floors was just five of the basically exact same dungeon, making it very repetitive. The three characters are decently unique, but they don’t get animations so the are just eye candy. Better then tenant(same company, and not a very strong statement) in every way except porn, which beats this out only slightly. Save has all cgs and scenes unlocked.

HuniePop  I   II  Store

A match three puzzle game. You play as a dateless guy/girl who thanks to meeting a love fairy suddenly gets it on with every attractive girl in your town by doing puzzle dates.  Has a few RPG mechanics, though nothing heavy. Has very little writing, and what little there is is stereotyped to the character. Porn is basically non existent, only having 24 cgs(no writing or scenes) for that purpose and the characters making moans during the sex puzzle which plays a but differently then the rest of the game. Game has English voices. Save contains a 100% file(all cgs and full girl profiles) that can go right into Alpha mode, which is the hard mode. As their is no reward for that mode other then steam achievements I left it untouched, to access just give all the panty items to the pink fairy girl.

Purino Party    II

So this is a Huniepop ripoff, basically. It has more actually story scenes and the gameplay is a bit different with less mechanics, but at its core its Huniepop. It reuses assets from an old project by the creator, Frontwing. The assets look nice, and lead to a weird feeling of the game referencing situations and h scene setups from the actual h games. It’s an alright game.

Sexy Beach 3 Plus/Gravure  II

-Boring for the most part. Gameplay is basically just clicking to act like you are massaging. You can dress the girls as you please, and the game has alright animations for sex and some good early day jiggle physics. Gets tedious fast without mods. Story is basically non existent. Save has all girls at max affection and all clothing options unlocked. Save will not work on Sexy Beach 3 standard(though there is no real reason to play that version…).


RE156085. A mouse controlled sex fighter game. Stupid easy, you can do use the auto mode for most of the game. No special moves, just a chance to use items between attacks. Story is guy gets job to defeat succubi and save an island full of lustful women with sex. H is all animated stuff with some voice acting. Decent for fapping, if the camera wasn’t going crazy the entire time. Save contains all h fights redoable, and all other animations. All minigames unlocked.



Racing Games

Cannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~ II

A turn based racing game from Liar-soft. You play as a space orphan working as a sort of merc. You get a job to find someone, who ends up being a fox girl assassin. You end up stealing her away and end up in the biggest space event, Cannonball. A crazy race of crazy people. Rest of game is learning about the weird people and who the assassin really is. Gameplay is a weird form of racing. Doing good is only needed for h scenes, but the gameplay gets in the way on repeated playthroughs. You have x # of rounds to speed up or attack other racers to get to the top, with a rock-paper-scissors combat system with a few special skills you can learn. Also has a card minigame unlocked after true ending where you can hear all the characters meow sexually, even the guys but to get scenes requires replaying the whole game(including the races) and finding the character’s unique trigger. H scenes are short and not really memorable. Save contains all scenes, cgs, and the card game fully unlocked. Note: not my save, this is one of those games where getting 100% myself would just eat up to much time and effort. I’m more hosting it out of convenience for English only people.

Moero Downhill Night Blaze  I   II  Store

-Racing game, maybe the only real porn racing game. If you didn’t need to replay the 5 tracks 2-3 times each route then the racing gameplay would be alright, but as it is its just monotonous. Story is weak, basically kid wants to beat rival in street race and a tournament shows up, and there’s an asshole making life hard on you. Oh and your casual girlfriend seems to like your rival now. Its a pretty simple story and really only does what it needs to, which is justify driving. Sex scenes are the best part of the game(good length and position #), but aren’t really special, just better then everything else. Game feels like a reimagined Downhill Night 2 with driving added. Same characters, different stories. Same premise, different events. Save contains all cgs and scenes unlocked, as well as saves to see the 5 girl’s endings. Run as admin to actually have the saves work.




Kara no Shojo I   II  Store

-Think Phoenix Wright, but replace the wacky with sex, gore, and truly crazy killers. Story is you are a detective 10~ years after WWII ended, and a bizarre killer has appeared. That and a high schooler wants to know her true self. Gameplay is like Phoenix Wright’s searching segments, you investigate and choose evidence and pick suspects, I am honestly only including it because how confusing it can be to play as the gameplay might as well just be extension of normal visual novel choices. H is all vanilla stuff, so no murder rapist scenes. The scenes are mostly shortish and just kind of pop up out of no where. Save contains all cg and scenes, and in game saves to each save point from a 100% walkthrough plus a save right before the true end epilogue.

Kara no Shojo The Second Episode I   II  Store

This probably has an interesting story, and I know it builds on stuff from the previous game, but I couldn’t read it. The problem here is during the opening, before even the first investigation, is a 3-4 hour flashback with characters I had no reason to care about. I know they are important later, but I just got sick of them since I wasn’t there to read about them. The art and length of the game is better then the first and the gameplay is more forgiving, making me question having this here as the gameplay might as well just be a theme backdrop, and that’s all I can really say. Save contains all the save spots from the 100% guide and full cg/scene galleries.

Really? Really!  I   II  Store

A fandisc to Shuffle, a fairly old visual novel. It’s specifically a fandisc to Kaede, the childhood friend character but due to how the game works it’s more of a bunch of short set of what ifs with other girls(complete with porn) and short stories. It’s decently long for a fandisc. H is vanilla stuff only. Gameplay is a play on the testimony part of Phoenix Wright where you hunt around for clues and use those at specific lines of special dialogue to basically correct what is happening. Save is 100% complete, with access to all cgs, scenes and memories which are Kaede’s side of the game’s events.

YU-NO- The Girl that Chants Love at the Edge of the World  I   II

This is considered a classic of vns, and I have to agree with that statement. For the most part the game is a point and click with elements of… lets call it time travel. The protagonist is written very amusingly and overall the story is gripping. If you can get over the old art and deal with the interface, this should be something any vn fan plays, it really shows that porn games can tell amazing stories. Porn is decent and mostly medium length, great for the time though. Contains some ntr elements. Game also has patches to add in voices, though the porn is unvoiced. You play as a student with a recently deceased father, who was a history researcher. He leaves you some odd items that lead you on a quest searching through a parallel world. That’s all I can really say without spoiling anything. Save contains all main menu items unlocked(short stories, music/cg mode) and three in game saves. Each gives easy access to different h scenes and character endings. Read the included note to understand how to get to the porn/ending.



Chaosrise  II  Store

It’s a schmup made on patreon. For a schmup I have no real issues with it, though the psuedo rpg mechanics are weird. You level up and can put points into stats that improve number of projectiles and how much energy things take. Attacking takes froma  red bar that at each section lowers your projectile count. Really annoying early on, a joke near the end. It’s one of those awkard mechanics that kind of works but just feels weird in the genre. In fact a porn game schmup is weird to begin with. All h is lose cgs that you get either after each death or killing the enemy. Two different characters to play that have the standard firing patterns. If there’s unlockables for higher difficulties I’m never getting them. Save has all cgs unlocked.

Dungeon of Corruption II  Store

Orc Castle with a less linear setup. At the start you choose either the white loli or the busty brown women and you both lead them and punish them through the dungeon as they search for the 4 pieces of a sacred treasure. Unlike Orc Castle this doesn’t really have full h scenes, instead its h cutins depending on monster type, with more monsters being unlocked for you to summon as your heroine is raped or tortured. Your goal is to het all the scenes and get the girl you chose to find the treasures to see their proper corrupt endings. Honestly, I found Orc Castle more enjoyable because of how much more setup that game was. Because you couldn’t summon monsters and their was only one to two paths, everything was a tool. Here, monsters are random summons and other then a single puzzle using multipliers there’s not a lot of setup potential.  Still enjoyable, but Castle was better for me. Save contains all cgs unlocked, with a save for each ending and for each girls monsters unlocked. Just so people know, to unlock the cg endings, you need to get the girls bodies modified by the roper tree(loli gets nipple enlargement, busty gets larger breasts), have the girl orgasm three times, and have them at a tenth of their original health(easy as one room has with ropers has a perfect setup for taking a tenth away). Also, a few of loli’s cgs won’t unlock if her nipples are enlarged. No idea why but just wanted that out here as I doubt a lot of people will talk about this game.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia    II

The fandisc to Fate/Stay Night. For the purpose of this blog I’m more interested in the mini games, but here’s my quick review: For a fandisc its good. Has route continuations and some nice scenes that fans of the original game would appreciate. The games though… There’s two. Ilya’s Castle which is a click based thing. Each level has a different theme and it can be funny the first time. Annoying to play to clear since you need around 15 random items to get one cg. Basically its not really fun. Then there’s hanafuda. It’s hanafuda with special moves depending on who you play as. You need to win like 60 or so games to get all the cgs. It’s annoying, but the little story sections are silly and did make me laugh a few times. Still bad(for me at least). Save contains all cg’s unlocked. Which means everything is done.

JC Fight  I   II

Wolf Maker game. Your a girl who’s dad owns a gym. he runs out and saddles you with his debt. Yakuza like guy shows up and gets you into arena fighting to pay the debt(kind of), loser’s get pummeled or raped. The combat is rhythm game like with some RPG elements. Timing decently means you hit, timing perfect gives you health back. The game has a number of storylines the games calendar will lead you through each with varying endings depending on choices. Very open, reminds me of Drop Factory in how you can basically do anything and it will be useful eventually. H is prostitution/corruption and rape. Save has all cgs, outfits, and scenes unlocked and can change into other character(brown skin). The game does a cool thing for lose fight scenes. Instead of fight->lose->scene->reload/refight, you just unlock the scene by winning if you qualify for it. It’s nice.

Orc Castle    II  Store

This was more enjoyable then I expected, but nothing great. It’s a puzzle game where you set movement traps that move the heroine around. If you set her up to run into a monster you deal damage based on the combo from the traps. 20x plus combos are needed to break their armor(about 4-5 traps) which have stages of break. Once broken monsters deal about 10x as much damage. Each of the 4 girls have 3 scenes, two of which are gotten by having them get beaten by unique monsters in their levels. The game is alright overall, though short. I really wish there was more as I was starting to enjoy it when it ended. H is all monster on big bodied girls. Save has all h-scenes and cgs unlocked, as well as saves to each battle.

Sunrider Liberation Day    II

What should I say about this… It’s a strategy scifi RPG. This is technically the 3rd entry, and of the three I’m not sure how to rate it. This game came out to some bad press which honestly was quite deserving. 20$ for 9 fights and about 4 hours of story on Steam. Honestly the combat in this one is the fairest of the 3 games and can be enjoyed. The story is really the issue, as forcing a romance in what is trying to be a series heavy on player choice just isn’t what I would call smart. It’s used wellish and after seeing it I’m not really anger, just kind of disappointed. The ReTurn section of the game, added just a while ago, is certainly the better part of the reading and is much more enjoyable then the main story and is about as long it as well. The one porn scene in the original was bad, but the ones in ReTurn are decent though unvoiced. Save contains all achievements, cgs, and saves to each hscene. Plus saves from the second game(Mask of Arcadius) for the two points when the uncensor patch does things.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude- Uncut & Uncensored  I   II

-An arcade style game, where most of the gameplay is in minigames(8~ types). The only Larry game with full porn, its not exactly the erotic variety but is played mostly for laughs. Story is played for laughs, as is the rest of the game. It was surprisingly all right, just don’t expect a good fapping experience or the older LLL games writing. Save contains a 100% file, so all minigames can be played(+ helper items), all nudity options are available, and all endings/sex scenes are as well.


Yukkuri Panic Escalation I   II  Store

A yuri puzzle game. The puzzle type is called qix apparently. You control a circle who’s job is to cut off as much of a block as possible while avoiding enemies and projectiles. It was actually more fun then I thought, and hard mode was very much a challenge. Story is ripped from the vn version of this game, a girl goes to an all girls catholic school and ends up in a dom-sub relationship with other girls there as she learns her sexuality. Didn’t really read the scenes, but seemed to be on the short side. Save contains all cg’s unlocked.




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