MG Hints for games

This page is the clues and guesses I’ve seen this year(2018) to Mangagamer’s yearly hints about what they might be announcing this year. I’d do this for other companies but they don’t give out the amount of hints that MG does. I’ll upload this until con season is over and then wipe the page when next year’s set roles out.

Announcement so far-

Total based on game type- 1 nukige, 1 all ages yuri, 1 18+ yuri, 1 otome, 1 bl, 1 moege/nukige, 2 gameplay.


Anime Expo-

Luckydog1- The lucky hint. BL about a jail break and the mafia.

Lilycle Rainbow Stage- All ages yuri about a love triangle. Spawned from a drama cd, I think all the drama cd characters are side characters to the main three.

Rance 9- The Helman arc! Rance 9 moves a lot of things forward for the series and while it’s not considered the best gameplay wise, it does have some of the best h scenes smd resolves some big story stuff from older titles. It’s also the one where some of the series reoccurring characters finally fall for Rance.

Oh and one more thing… Rance 10 was announced. The grand finale. I really hope some of the remakes get done first but man I was expecting like another 4 years but nope. Rance 10 is announced and being worked on.

BL’s not to my taste but the hint as right, love triangles piss me off more often then not so Lilicycle is a no, and Rance 9 is great but I was hoping for a not Rance considering we still have two Rance games announced and not released. Rance 10 is amazing though. Still, something for everyone I guess. Unless you only like moege and plotge. As for other companies, the only other gameplay things announced were ReLord 2 and Lili something or other. Weird thing about that last one is a game in the same setting, with almost the same name is coming out like the week after this con from the people who brought ove

Anime Central-

#1-Funbag Fantasy 2- No hints fit this, but really it was just a matter of time. The Funbag series is selling really well. Only issue I have with 2 is the Funbags are way smaller then the past ones. Comparing standing art, the biggest in two is equal to the smallest in the first one. Must be because its set in the past before bras I guess? No idea how good the protag is in this one.

#2-Sisterly Bliss- Incest yuri. All I really have to say about this.

Anime Boston-

#1- Steam Prison- Otome. Steam punk, has steam in the name, and going on steam so likely the steam hint. Which means of the 7 hints, two or three have likely already been used. There actually might be another otome if this is the steam hint.

#2-Amaterasu Riddle Star- softhouse-Seal’s qualia branch. It’s their version of a moege and I’ve heard its decent, though the company basically died for almost two years after the release of this so who knows?

#3-Kindread Full Chorus- the voice hint. DLC to the original game, it adds cgs, the drama cds, and full voice acting. No new scenarios.

Probably MG’s strongest Anime Boston for non nukige fans ever.


Survey results are out.  Here.

Hints are a bit more bland/boring this year. Just a couple italics or bolded words. Will list any good ideas as they come.

Steam- More all ages?

yuri- Maybe something other then Sonohana.

languages- Maybe Kotonoha Amrilato. Fits with yuri and steam and is a story about language. That or chinese something. Either chinese vn’s or translating into chinese.

otome-  Horny Goddess, the other Kalmia8 vn that looked interesting.

voices- Kindread Spirit fully voiced

lucky- Luckydog1, a bl title.

sakura- Maybe Sakura no Mori from Moonstone since they get a title a year now. Personally, I want a Da Capo III fandisc.

So after looking around, the best bets are voices is Fully voiced Kindread Spirits, lucky is a bl title called Luckydog1, sakura is for Sakura no Mori Dreamers which I figured would come eventually anyway,  and for languages the most interesting idea is Kotonoha Amrilato, an all ages girls love story about love without a shared language. Steam just means more steam games and most likely more then a few all ages/ports. Not enough else to work with for anything interesting. Even these seem kinda iffy considering what little we have to work with.



The list from 2017. Cons are done so here’s what matched up.

dominant- Evanicle

something old- Forbidden Love or Sengoku Rance

something new- Space Live and/or Koropukkur

something borrowed-Marina’s Cuckolding Report

something blue- Room No.9 and/or Hashihime

shocking- Room No.9

Marriage Jinx- Sweet Young Bride and Magical Marriage Lunatics

Historical Bent- Sengoku Rance

popular series- Rance, Sonohana, and Kyonyuu Fantasy

Nothing else really fit being a hint or the hints we thought were hints don’t match up to any games I could think of.



Hints and Survey Results-



This is the hints from 2016 with what I think they matched up with. These don’t get confirmed so who knows for sure.


HD Graphics and no Joke- Sorcery Jokers

fantasy –Kynoyuu Fantasy

Sequels in vogue- Sonohana, Imouto Paradise 2

Ears and Spirited – Kindred Spirits Drama Cds

purple hints- Sona Nyl

orange double- Hadaka Shitsuji(apparently its color is orange)