MG Hints for games

This page is the clues and guesses I’ve seen this year(2017) to Mangagamer’s yearly hints about what they might be announcing this year. I’d do this for other companies but they don’t give out the amount of hints that MG does. I’ll upload this until con season is over and then wipe the page when next year’s set roles out.

Announcement so far-


Supipara 2(tsundere act)- It’s goal just got reached I would guess. The next goal is 1.5 of the last stretch so it might be years before we see the first actual brand new chapter.

Spirit Masters of Retarnia- I know nothing about this. VNDB has it tagged with dungeonc rawler and avoidable rape, so kind of a half dark half vanilla hrpg. Interested.

Room No.9- BL.

Sonohana~Maidens of Michael~- Popular series I guess? No real surprise that a Sonohana got announced.

Sengoku Rance- No real suprise here. The historical bent clue still hadn’t been used.

Rance Quest Magnum- Probably the biggest surprise. Not only are we getting Evanicle and Sengoku, but also Quest announced in the same year? 4 HRPG’s in the same year from MG? I think that might be the highest of all the localization companies.

Solid final con for the year. Quest and Sengoku so people have little reason to complain at Sengoku getting redone, and a some highly requested BL and yuri. Overall a very good year. Hint wise I guess BLue only stood for BL then as none of the announced titles are very blue, and the shocking and rocket hints I guess weren’t really hints. Oh well.

Anime Expo

Magical Marriage Lunatics- The actual marriage themed game I guess.

Evanicle- The nan hint. Recent and good RPG from Alicesoft.

The Most Forbidden Love in the World- Romance and could be the old title. From 2007.

Space Live- Sci fi. Something new. Parody title from Circus, all ages.

Koropukkur- Original. Kanon/Clannad artist and will have a kickstarter.

Lunatics is more of a relief announcement as that means E2 didn’t have or lost the rights to it. If you haven’t heard of the mess that is E2 they are the perfect example of jumping into a market you don’t care about and then putting in minimum effort and expenses and then running away after. And mismanagement.

Evancile is the main draw for me and many others as its the gameplay title by the Senren artist. I’ve heard mostly positive things about it like it got Rance Quests combat done right and it has a story that hints at another grand series like Rance. It sounds good, and hopefully it is. Playing a game just for art isn’t really something I want to do.(Note-Everyone calls this the game with art by the Senren guy, but do know that its not like all the girls are busty teenagers. Looking through cgs, only about 3 of the girls look like they belong in Senren Kagura.)

Space Live and Koro are both weird. I kinda expected MG to have a kickstarter so that’s not to weird, but Space Live looks like a nukige with better art for sex scenes then anything else Circus has done but yet lacks porn. Disappointment right there.

As for Forbidden Love, the title kinda bugs me. The game’s description and characters don’t give off a Forbidden Love vibe other then I guess the main heroine who is a young girl(high school or third year of middle). I’ve seen younger though and more not okay relationships then that. Other then that, people say its a good one so I’ll at least look at it.

Anime Central

Marina’s Cuckold Report-…The only clue that fits this is borrowed.

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story- Fantasy, popular series

The first of the popular series games and probably the borrowed game. Nothing really great though I do like the Kyonyuu Fantasy name. The only thing to come out of Anime Central that I care for is Re:Lord from Sekai/Denpa but even then I have no idea if that game is any good at all.

Anime Boston

Trinoline- Scifi, Romance. Technically announced last year but now its had an actual announcement.

Young Married Wife- Romance. Marriage themed. The heroine looks like a loli.

Hashime- BL, which makes me question if the BL clue actually had anything to do with the word blue.

I’m surprised the marriage jinx clue was for a short nukige, but whatever. I guess with Hashime the BL clue might be done but who knows? Kinda surprised they reannounced Trinoline but whatever. I actually expected that Kyonyuu Gaiden thing Waffle spoiled like a week back to be announced here but I guess that’ll wait for the next one. Anyway, at least no hardcopies were announced. The less those are treated like proper full game announcements the better.


Hints and Survey Results-


Clue 1- dominant,

Italicized nan. I saw a few people think this was DominancE from Empress, but that makes no sense with the italics. Nan just happens to the be the name of the Senran Kagura artist though. He’s done a few VNs, though the one he’s most know for is Evenicle by Alicesoft.

For this clue I would go with Evenicle simple because its one of those games where if someone talks about it, they really only bring up one thing. The artist. The fact it was drawn by the Senran guy. Drapeko and the few other VN’s Nan has worked on don’t have that same recognition as the game drawn by Nan so it makes the most sense.

Clue 2- Rocketed, Rocket Science

The word rocket is brought up two times which isn’t something that you would normally say. So I imagine this is a hint and the game most people seem to be drawn to for this is Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku, a game by ChuableSoft.

It’s about a rocket club and it so happens that Chuable was spammed requests for more then just SukiSuki after the announcement last year. I’m not as confident in this as in Evenicle, but I can understand the explanations.

Edit 2/22/2017- So I was looking at Alicesoft games when it hit me, Daiteikoku also hits this hint as well as a lot of others. It’s historical bent, both in the literal(World War 2 in space!) and in the gender one(loli Adolf). It’s sci-fi, one of the few MG has access to with their current partners. It has rockets! I still like Sengoku for historical bent, but Daiteikoku makes just as much sense and no one brought it up.

Clue 3- Historical Bent

A lot of games actually can qualify for this. So with the use of the word bent I’m leaning really strong at this being one of the gender bend historical figures games which might as well be its own genre at this point. The two most sensible options for this are Sengoku Rance(the only Rance title that works with that hint) or Koihime(any of them really). A number of other VN’s fit, but of Mangagamer’s current partners those are the two stand out ones.

Do I think its going to be Rance though… Not sure. If Evenicle is really coming over then I feel its both good and bad. Good as that means Sengoku isn’t coming by itself as the only Alicesoft game for a year, bad because that’s two very long Alicesoft games at the same time blocking other cool stuff like Galzoo Island or something else.

Clue 4- shocking?

This is a possible clue that I’m not 100% sure is meant to be a hint. When talking about what game’s won this year for the survey, the writer mentions shocking. Which is a strange word choice. The most obvious choice for shocking though is Gahkthun’s fandisc.

Looking at steamspy, as inaccurate as it is, it looks like Gahkthuns not as bad off as it was when it launched sales wise so I could understood bringing more over. The problem is the translator is currently busy with a few other things and then has all of another game in the steampunk series to do. If anything my biggest issue with the fandisc if its the right answer is why announce it this year? It’s probably going to end up like Sona-Nyl and not get touched until next year anyway so it would seem odd to do. Nothing else has really been thrown around for this though and nothing else stands out to me based on shocking.

Clue 5- Something New, something old, something borrowed, something blue

Each of those lines might be its own clue, but I’m focusing on the entire thing, which is a marriage jinx. The bride wears one of each of the above during the wedding, usually gotten from her family. The most fitting game from MG’s current partners for this is Magical Marriage Lunatics. It’s about marriage and from one of MG’s more popular partners.

Problem here is that E2 supposedly has the game. Last year they showed up with a site stating they were going to release Lunatics, but that disappeared for them to focus on some Alice VN. Based on how Moonstone seems to want to get their library West and how MG is likely going to release every Moonstone game they have this year I could see that being the right answer. I was never sure how official E2 was anyway.

Clue 6- Something BLue

A BL game obviously. The most popular pick is DRAMAtical Murder. That’s Nitro+ territory which is with J-ast, but who knows if J-ast even wants BL. Maybe J-ast is so slow Nitro moved on finally. Or maybe MG just got lucky. The other clue, something borrowed, would fit DRAMAtical as well as being a title they borrowed from another company’s partner.

Another good pick I saw was a BL rpg called Angel’s Feather made by Blue Impact. Honestly I just want that to be it so I can try a proper BL rpg.


The remaining clues are to generic for any real discussion. They add some credence to other choices depending on how you read them, but they don’t really point to a specific title on their own.

We have “more entries from popular series” which can mean Sonohana, Rance, Koihime(I doubt it), Escaslayer, Eroge,  Kyonyuu Fantasy, and/or Da Capo. Not much else that MG currently has counts as a popular series though I guess Steampunk might also count. At least two of those should get a game announced this year. The key word is popular though, and I’m not sure if we’re using that in a sales sense or just a well known sense.

Something new and something old are really generic. I can read them a few different ways(new translation vs old, old game vs new, old women heroine vs young and so on) but nothing really stands out from them. I can see Sengoku Rance being old, as in already has a patch. Or just plain old. Maybe they’re releasing the old and new versions of Escaslayer? Anyway, nothing really stands out though you can find ways to use these as evidence for other stuff.

More romance, fantasy, and scifi titles. The most interesting here is scifi since that’s not really a very full genre, but its still generic.  Yet again you can use these to prove other games but nothing really leaps out just from that.



This is the hints from 2016 with what I think they matched up with. These don’t get confirmed so who knows for sure.


HD Graphics and no Joke- Sorcery Jokers

fantasy –Kynoyuu Fantasy

Sequels in vogue- Sonohana, Imouto Paradise 2

Ears and Spirited – Kindred Spirits Drama Cds

purple hints- Sona Nyl

orange double- Hadaka Shitsuji(apparently its color is orange)