MG Hints for games

This page is the clues and guesses I’ve seen this year(2017) to Mangagamer’s yearly hints about what they might be announcing this year. I’d do this for other companies but they don’t give out the amount of hints that MG does. I’ll upload this until con season is over and then wipe the page when next year’s set roles out.

Announcement so far-




The list from 2017. Cons are done so here’s what matched up.

dominant- Evanicle

something old- Forbidden Love or Sengoku Rance

something new- Space Live and/or Koropukkur

something borrowed-Marina’s Cuckolding Report

something blue- Room No.9 and/or Hashihime

shocking- Room No.9

Marriage Jinx- Sweet Young Bride and Magical Marriage Lunatics

Historical Bent- Sengoku Rance

popular series- Rance, Sonohana, and Kyonyuu Fantasy

Nothing else really fit being a hint or the hints we thought were hints don’t match up to any games I could think of.



Hints and Survey Results-



This is the hints from 2016 with what I think they matched up with. These don’t get confirmed so who knows for sure.


HD Graphics and no Joke- Sorcery Jokers

fantasy –Kynoyuu Fantasy

Sequels in vogue- Sonohana, Imouto Paradise 2

Ears and Spirited – Kindred Spirits Drama Cds

purple hints- Sona Nyl

orange double- Hadaka Shitsuji(apparently its color is orange)