Milky Quest

H Scene Count- 20

Created by Bluelab, translated by Rare_Cats

Length- 2-3 hours.

WolfRPG, pixel sex combat RPG. Lots of ass and mostly loli’s. Not much else to say.


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The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets- Elf Girl Mimia

H Scene Count-25~

Created by Galaxy Wars, translated by Rare Cats

Length- 2-4 hours

Been a while since I made a proper post. Been a lot of Vns coming out that have distracted me plus a trip and  lack of games that really attracted me to them. This one though I saw and wanted to play. After Lulu Farea I wanted to try something else from the Lulu Farea guys and this is it and honestly its strangely similar. Anyway this is a raising sim made in WolfRPG.

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Beat Blades Haruka

Scene Count- 150+
Created by Alicesoft, published my ManagaGamer, translated by Arunaru
Length- 20-30 depending on how many h scenes you read.

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So Beat Blades Haruka. Its another Alicesoft game, making it like the 15 or so Alicesoft title to be translated, and the first to be officially licensed and sold in the west. It has some drama surrounding that fact, but that’s not really important. An important thing to note is Haruka is unlike every other Alicesoft title in the west, so for this game I’m going to start with the gameplay as that’s what most people probably want to know about.

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Civilian Justice Company & Salvation + The Nobleman’s Retort

Scene Count CVC- 51 Salvation- 109+ 3 non-h  TNR- 32~

Created by Clymenia, both translated by tengubengu(ulmf)

Length- CVC- 3-5 hours, Salvation-4-6, though up to 10 if hunting for scenes.  TNR- 2-4

For this post I figured I would cover both of these at once, seeing as they are from the same creator and I’m playing them back to back. The post will cover CVC, then Salvation and my thoughts on the games.

So these are both RPG Maker VXAce games from the circle Clymenia. In one you play as a brand new super heroine who can sleep her way to profits, in the other you are a trio of girls off to stop the Demon’ Lord’s resurrection.

Edit: Another game from this group finished not two days after I posted this, so I am just adding it.

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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine!

H-Scene Count- 30

Created by Anagura and sold on Mangagamer

Length- 3-5 hours

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Ecchi Mery is the first crowdfunded h game translation to actually be released. It’s an RPG maker VXAce game where you play as Mery and Mary, a magic noble girl and her ninja maid.

Disclaimer: I gave to the crowdfunder and so my opinion of the game may be effected by this fact.

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Little Witch Romanesque Edito Perfecta

Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch RomanesqueH-Scene Count-26

Created by Little Witch, translated by Aroduc, and published by J-ast(now on steam).

Length- first playthrough ~20-30. Second and on with skip about 1-5(depending on new content).

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Romanesque is a raising sim thing created by Little Witch before the company went under and resurfaced as Tenco. In this game you teach two witch girls magic by rolling dice, so they can go on quests and eventually graduate to being official wizards/witches.

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Xross Scramble

Xross ScrambleH-Scene Count- 3

Created by TEAM BALDRHEAD, translated by Aroduc

Length- Xross- 5-8 hours   Princess- 2 hours


Xross Scramble is a collection of three Duel Savior fandiscs translated before we got the original game due to hacking problems. It contains two new stories in Xross Savior and Two Princesses, and a harder survival mode+challenge mode in Scramble Survivor. Continue reading

Monster Girl Quest~Lose And Be Raped~

Monmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~H-Scene Count- 295 replayable scenes, with 57 in combat requestable lose scenes. Total 352.

Created by Torotoro Resistance, translated by Roguetranslator. Sold in japanese on DlSite.

Length- Full game about 10-15 hours without skipping.

Monster Girl Quest was first released in 2011, in its first part. Over the next 2 years it would have two more parts released and translated. I’ll be talking about the game as a whole as that is how it is meant to be played now.

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