Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ 2.1

H Scene Count- 38

Created by – tokinokogiri , translated by Together, a patreon group.

Length- 3-5 hours for blind to beat the game.

First, I will be tagging posts with h scene types. H:Animation+text means it has animations and text, obviously. All new posts will get that now that Misc. games is going away so people know if the game has animations, is just static images, or is mainly text+image.


Anyway, wolf maker game. You play as a virgin(this is important) who time loops his way into trying to escape 3 succubi who would much prefer to just eat you. Dead.


So you are a nobody who was forced into a break in and rape. The target is a house of 3 sexy women with no security system. So in you go, and you find your girl. Then you here a terrified scream and the women in front of you tells you to go check it out. Lo and behold, you find one of the assholes being sexed to death by a big chested succubus. After he dies and another succubi comes into the room, the black haired women you found at first moves to kill you. Realizing you are a virgin she decides to let you live for 24 hours when she will kill you for real, as apparently that makes you taste better.

But you are only allowed two rooms in the house and you immediately(after waking up) decide to escape. You will soon die to one of the girls and wake up just find at the start of the game. It turns out you picked up an artifact that locks you in a 24 hour loop. So find a way to escape, dying as many times as you want/need to.

This game is actually really dark. Two of the girls endings reveal some disturbing context for everything that happened. Death is common and the girls let you know that you are nothing but a meal to them. Even in the endings you live you are nothing but a semen slave to something. Except for the true ending which to reach you can never sleep with anything. No deaths, no looping.


This is mostly a puzzle game with a horror story. You run around the house finding items and information while learning the girls schedules to avoid them or make use of them. You can pass time quickly in your room, where you will probably spend a lot of time after your first run. There’s not actually a lot to search in the house and until you beat the game once and get the hints for the scenes it’s unlikely you will find most of them.

You do have to manage health and willpower by sleeping and eating. No will means you cannot tell if someone is in a room before entering, no health means you cannot run. You can, after playing enough, have these at 0 and be just fine though.

So that’s it. You can start over at the beginning any time you die and you do lose your items, but not your knowledge. Sensibly, your guy won’t pick up things until he knows they will be useful so read. Read and interact. You’ll figure out how to get out eventually.

Oh, and the bathroom minigame where you clean the girls? Left click and hold to mix up bubbles. Right click and hold to wash the bubbles out. Repeat 9 times. Or piss the girl off and sit there. They’ll end it eventually much quicker for the scene or the good reward based on how well you did when you were rubbing them.


Last thing, mostly me ranting. This is at most a five hour game. It took me about ~3 to get all but one of the scenes. Then it took me another 8 to get that one. Mostly my fault for not trying to right solution for a long time. So the loli has a scene where the hint is go to her and ask to die at 23:30. If you just do that she kills you. There’s actually two other conditions. Have the maulet that lets you escape maxed, and don’t piss her off. Not pissing her off means don’t vandalize her room, and do not enter the library or her room(might be wrong about this when it comes to pizza.) when she’s in there. That one’s the challenge that stumped me as I could not figure out how to get the amulet without pissing her off but I did  it after wasting a long time.

H and Other

So the porn looks good, has some good sound effects and some bad ones, the writing is of decent length and there is some variety in how they end. You have a lot of giant breasted girl with about 2 loli’s. I don’t like the porn in this game. I know a lot of people do, but I hate it. Mostly because I don’t like the magic effects that happen all the time, and I hate the repetitive “Oh she’s a succubi and she’s going to kill me” that almost every scene I read repeating a bunch. Now not every scene is like that, but most of the ones I read where that to magic effect spamming as you orgasm to death.

The game has 3 main girls, but also a summoning system you you throw an itme and semen into a sot and get results. If you use the right item you get a different girl covering a different fetish to kill you. There’s oppai loli treating you like a semen toy, a futa that turns you into a women, unbirth, vore, and more. Most of the actual variety is here, and not every scene kills you. Most of the summoning girls are in a different artstyle as they are apparently commissioned and guest artists which would explain the complete difference in tone. They’re a nice bonus for variety.

Verdict and Save

I was with the game until it came to unlocking the final scene which took me way to long. The hint the game gives is garbage as its missing the most important details. Ignoring my personal issues with progression, I didn’t care for this. I know a lot of people like it, but I’m not a fan of how death is constantly brought up in the porn. Nor am I fan of the flashes and sound effects in the porn. The animations and artstyle are great, but I couldn’t bring myself to read the scenes after the first few since they all felt so samey, though maybe I just read the few that were.

Anyway, great for people who like darker porn. You die in almost every scene, and you will know it. The girls have all the power, and they know it. The horror/puzzle part of the game is decent at first but now I know the patterns so well that its just boring. So its decent at best for me but a lot of people seem to love it so give it a try if you like reverse rape by mostly giant breasted girls.


Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~2.1


3 responses to “Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ 2.1

  1. Hi, I remember one of the saves a while ago was one that you messed around with rather than playing to unlock the scenes. I was just wondering what you used to open the save file since im trying to do the same for a game and cant find and full cg saves for it.
    the extension is rvdata2 and the game is “We Are the Proud 5th Order of the Knights of Almeria!”

    • First, I have the save for that on the blog. I called it 5th order of Almeria or something along those lines since I couldn’t keep the name straight and saw it in a bunch of different forms.
      Second, if you want to edit RPG maker you need the program itself for whichever game version you are using, and something to decrypt the rvdata. I use a program called rgssad – rgss2a – rgss3a decrypter for VX, VXAce and XP and I own all three main RPG maker programs so I can edit when I want.

      • I see tyvm. I shouldve searched around a bit more I guess.
        Keep up the good work (Y) :).

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