Anime Expo 2017

So with the biggest announcement convention over and done with, let’s take a glance at what we’re getting in the next three years that were announced in this one.


Magical Marriage Lunatics- With the preorder of Evangile’s fandisc comes a new moege from Moonstone. Other then the fact its been saved from E2 its not a great announcement but I’m happy with it.

Evanicle- The best thing from the show. An hrpg with the Senren Kagura artist and from what I hear a good combat system. I’ve heard mostly praise about this and it was the game that started Alicesoft’s re-raise to popularity after Hitler in Space and the wreck that was the initial Rance Quest. It’ll probably be out in holidays or early next year so not a long wait either.

Forbidden Love- The name doesn’t really feel appropriate to it. The worst thing the game has is the main heroine is a middle/high schooler and the protag is a working adult, and I’ve seen worse when it comes to loves that shouldn’t happen. Anyway it’s a 2007 title from the White Album writer. A dramatic romantic comedy with a voiced protag. Should be good and I’ve heard good things. Should be out soon as well.

Space Live- An all ages game from Circus with more sexual designs then their actual porn games. It’s about a battle between Internet browser parodies. The coolest thing I can say is that it got announced here before Japan. Not really sure if I’ll play it or not. Who knows though, Circus might just release Space Live XXX in a year or two anyway and then I’ll play it for sure. They are the fandisc lords after all.

Korokoppur- Kickstarter project with the artist of Kanon and other old Key projects. Sounds all ages which isn’t surprising. I’ll probably throw some money at it to support MG more then anything.

A decent spread overall for MG. Nothing really surprising beyond Space Live being a thing, but nothing disappointing.



Majikoi- Probably a new translation so won’t be out for years. Good on J-ast at getting something popular about four years after the height of its popularity. Again.

Machine Doll- A Princess Maker clone from the Littlewitch artist. Will look great but not a porn game so no idea if I’ll ever play it as I’m not a fan of raising sims.

Not a great showing from J-ast but about what I expect.


I guess first off Maitetsu is getting 18+ which means Baldr is probably getting one and they’ll just announce it next year before the kickstarter. Also we’ll be getting the full package as one which is nice.

Senren Banka and Dracu Riot- Both are Yuzusoft games so as long as the translator is half competent they’ll be at least decent moege. Weird that they got two more games from Yuzu Soft even though the first one isn’t even out yet and they haven’t done a kickstarter for it but eh. Companies can be weird sometimes.

Nanairo Reincarnation- Silky thing. Not 100% sure its a moege but it looks to be in the same vein but with some action and demons. The art is appealing and I know some guys on 4ch love the game but nothing about it seems that special.

Rewrite+ and the others- Surprised Visual Arts gave Sekai another game at all, but meh. Key isn’t really that important to me and I read Rewrite years ago so not really exited. They also announced some Ninja Girl thing, two nukige with one being an interesting time advancement to change the girl based on choices thing which sounds different at least.  Then a new RPG thing from the makers of Fata Morgana which is all ages.

Another year, another list of moege from Sekai with some indie stuff to give them some flavor. Nothing exiting for me really. The YuzuSoft game I wanted the most was already announced so these new ones aren’t really anything special plus with how long Sekai has been taking with its titles its hard to be exited for these when its a year+ before the eventual kickstarter and delay for all of these.


Aksys announced two ecchi games and some more otome, cementing their lead as the otome king in the west..


Overall this year has a similar issue to E3 from me, and that is most things are coming out to far away to be exciting. At least three of MG’s announcements will be at the 100% phase by the end of the month, but they also have about 10 games at that level so they’re problem is they have to many things nearing release for me to be excited for the things near the end of the list. For J-ast I’ve already read Majikoi a few times though I’ll probably buy it just to support Minato Soft for making such a good vn, and for Sekai everything is to far away for me to care. Maitetsu adult is nice, but I’m not a big loli fan or train fan so probably going to skip that and nothing else seems to be within this year release wise.


Just to make a point, I’m going to list every single 100% translated title MG has as of Anime Expo.

Forbidden Love, Secret Project 1, Umineko Answer, Higurashi Answer, Bokuten, SukiSuki, Kuroinu part 2, Imouto Paradise 2,  Sorcery Jokers, Naked Butlers, Little Miss Lonesome, Sideboob Story, and the Marina game. Counting Higurashi and Umineko’s answer arcs as single titles, that brings their 100% translated count to 13. That’s enough to last until next at their normal rate and they have several more projects nearing 100%. Makes it really hard to guess what’s next and is quite impressive. I know Sekai has a decent number of completed titles as well(I think at least 5~) but until the kickstarter goes those aren’t coming out so being at 100% for them is part of the formality more then anything. Anyway, that just leaves Otakon for Sekai and MG to announce their last big titles for the year. Hope some more interesting stuff happens there.


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