Some recent news and some venting

So it’s been a while since I’ve done anything here, and con season is basically over with some other interesting things happening. Figured I’d go over everything to and try to get some stuff out of my system.

First is of course con season, which was great. There were more gameplay titles announced this year then any other year, which is sad since technically only 5 got announced. Sunrider’s Idol game, Baldr(which may or may not be ignored), Eiyuu Senki(already out for two years), and Rance 5D/6. The last one is really the best one until Baldr gets a confirmed 18+ release, and even then I personally find Rance more enjoyable then Baldr. Anyway these are some big announcements but each one has a problem that’s just there making me not excited for them.

Let’s start with Rance. I’m really looking forward to Rance, but where will it go after this? As much as I would want them to skip Sengoku, the translator’s are pretty obsessed with lore so I don’t see that happening. So when the next Rance game gets announced it will probably HD Sengoku, which is nice but I already finished that game. I’d probably do a playthrough for old times sake and to see the art in higher resolution but that’s it. So the exciting stuff is 2-4 years away with Rance(if you can call Quest exciting) so I’m really banking on a good non-Rance(basically any non nukige title) next year just to tide me over until the next non-Rance after Sengoku. Maybe Sengoku will get announced with 01 and this won’t be an issue but I can’t help my excitement drain when a whole year might just be Sengoku, as great a game as it is.

Baldr has the obvious issue of not being announced for 18+. This game doesn’t have an all ages version in japan which means just straight cuts and fades to black. And this isn’t going to go to Nutaku either as it has rape in it which unless its girls doing it to girls Nutaku seems to be avoiding.

Eiyuu Senki is two years late and will probably be another half year before release, which means it might come out around when Sengoku gets announced. That would actually be really funny… While the idol game… I have no idea if its even a game and the devs for that have yet to make anything without major issues. I guess I could mention Orc Castle coming it in like a day, but chances are I’ll 100% that in a day or two.


Moving on from cons we have a patreon girl translating ero PC-98 games. Now I have no problems with that, as those weren’t ever going to get official releases anyway, but I have a hard time being exited for such old things that lack proper galleries or hscenes replay systems. Not to mention the quality of h scene writing back then was horrible. So the games might be interesting but I can’t really care when they don’t really cater to my obsession to complete everything in a game when the game doesn’t track anything.

Next we have me. I’m getting behind on h games. I honestly find it hard to keep my drive when most of the year is RPG Maker games with basically the same premise and fetish coming out all the time with nothing really different standing out. So if you know of a RPG maker game I didn’t cover, its probably because I’m ignoring until I feel bored enough to play get raped #99.

As for games I am working on, it’s just Fate Hollow Ataraxia. Hanafuda is evil and takes to long. I’m on the lookout for anything interesting other then official releases but not really anything great until Rance. I’m also ignoring most DLSite stuff since I can’t go spending 10-20 dollars on 1 hour games right now. Just not worth it when I’m about to start dealing with College debts and entering the workforce for real. On the note of money, I added affiliate links to all MG and J-ast stuff.

I probably won’t mention them again so here’s the deal on them. If J-ast or MG have a game up for preorder I will make a post iwth a summary and picture or add it to the game list with the purchase link. When it comes out I’ll start playing it. If I feel I should I’ll note my first opinions of the game, and when I finish I’ll put up the save and finish up the game’s post. I won’t bug people about buying through my links, I just feel like I should highlight that these games can be bought and should be if you want them to continue coming out.


Anyway that’s about it from me. Honestly there won’t be a lot of posts for the rest of the year. Even if good stuff does start coming out I’m busy and some non ero games are finally coming out that I’ve been looking forward to. Seriously 2016 had some great game announcements but basically nothing good came out. It’s finally time for things to start coming out. About damn time.


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