Escape from Fort Rugoem

H-Scene Count- 18~
Created by 男爵領, translated by candyfloss from ULMF.
Length- 2 hours~

This is an RPG Maker VXAce game where you try to stealth out of a fortress. It’s decently good.


You are Aisha, a member of the adventurer’s guild. On your way back from a job, you are arrested by soldiers from Rugoem Fort. Your job is to escape and maybe find out how the Lord of the fort has gotten so powerful and why he’s so cruel. That second part is only available on hard mode.

Its a very basic plot, and it works. Your goal is set: escape. That’s all you really need to know. In hard mode you do get an extra set of things to do which I find odd. This might be the first RPG Maker game I’ve played with difficulty locked content. Might be the first real porn game I’ve played with that actually.


So other then standard RPG Maker combat, you are a thief. You don’t want to fight, you want to be stealthy. You have your stealth move linked to a button, and using it gives you free movement for 30 steps. You will likely need this as not only can their be a lot of guards you need to dodge, but your only chance of winning fights is back stab, which you need to enter a fight in stealth to have. You die in two hits. You can find some consumables item to help you out, but remember, you only get a couple of these things. Be conservative and avoid fights you don’t have to do. Once you kill soldiers they stay dead so focus on taking out only the ones directly in your way.

So the game has two difficulties. In normal you have unlimited lockpicking but can’t use a lot of the weapons. In hard you can use more weapons but have to rely on a limited number of lockpicks. Thankfully most lockpick chests just have worthless items in them so you can focus on just doors and the few chests with gear in them.

Last thing I want to note is this is one of those games where the end boss is bullshit. He has 10,000 HP and you have 2,000. You do like 4-5 hundred a turn. Luckily you really only need to fight him once for the ending, otherwise you escape.

H and Other Stuff

So of course the game has rape, though you also have the choice of seducing guards and making the rape into something kinda consensual. The length of the saves is thankfully on the shorter side, and I say thankfully since sex can be pretty common and you have no skip button.Each scene does have a few variations based on clothing and how much sex the MC has done. There’s even a few scenes that don’t happen if you don’t have the MC sleep around. The art is decent, though for the body type the MC has her boobs are really big, its kinda weird how they stand out compared to her overly petite body.

For other things, the lighting in the dungeon is done well, and everything else is standard RPG Maker.

Final Verdict and Save

I enjoyed this a lot more then I though I would. I’m pretty sick of get raped 20 times RPG Maker games and I expected this game to be like that. It wasn’t and for that I was surprised. Even better, the game does a decent job with its stealth and combat mechanics and being something of a puzzle game. For a 12 hour game, its good. The only big issue I have is the translation, or more like the editing or lack of it? Tenses are all over the place, though its readable and understandable.


Save contains all scenes/cgs in the replay room, and all costumes. Two of them don’t do anything, but I added them to the inventory anyway just to be sure.

Escape from Fort Rugoem


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